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Origami Advent Calendar Boxes

So, It gets to midnight at new years - and everyone bins their calendars. Not in out house they don’t - why waste perfectly good (and exciting) paper? I put it on the side, and just looked at it for a while. Then I cleaned around it. Then I put it in my craft drawers. 

Then it dawned on me.

Over Christmas I had made some GORGEOUS brown paper origami boxes (I think I posted about them on my other blog - http://becksiekate.tumblr.com) to hold some home baked gifts, as we were doing presents on a budget and everyone loves cute handmade gifts.

So who wouldn’t love origami Harry Potter boxes? 

Here is the end result. Currently they are just sat around holding some spikes and diamantes until they can be put to use as little gift boxes for birthday presents. 

Out of one calendar, I managed to make 7 boxes - including using the cover, (One of the sides had calendar print on it, but it looks cute as the bottom of the box) but obviously it depends on what is printed on the cover/pages. 

Some of them worked out better than others because of the print orientation- so I posted two of my favourites.

Here is the link to the video I first used to show me how. Its an awesome tutorial.


If you do decide to make them, please message me so I can have a nosey!!

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